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Important news about Public Lessons in the Vocabulary Trainer

We are happy to see that so many users of our PONS Vocabulary Trainer have made use of our “Make lesson public” option to share their own lessons so freely with other users. The time has now come for us to bring a certain degree of order into our catalogue of public lessons.
We have decided to take the following measures in order to warrant clarity and optimal usability for all members of the Community:
- We will delete the catalogue of public lessons. Please rest assured that all of these lessons will remain available in your own individual user account, whether they are your own published lessons or lessons that you have imported from the public lesson catalogue.
- From now on, lessons will be subject to editorial examination before they are published. This way, we can guarantee that only those lessons are publically available which are truly useful to others. Our editors may also change the category and title of lessons to make them easier to find.

So, if you are the author of a published lesson and you think it should continue to be publically available, please submit it using the option “Make lesson public” so that it can be listed in the catalogue after editorial assessment.
We sincerely hope that we have not caused you too much inconvenience and thank you kindly for your cooperation.

Kind regards,
The PONS Trainer Team
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There are no public lessons with this language combination.  

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